Mapping our city in every way… together

This is a love letter to our city ~ Jacksonville.

Let’s learn about ourselves. Let’s get to know our arts, history, architecture, culture, all the while exploring the possibilities of our future

Be a part of this great city.

There are many voices across the miles that create this great city. We encourage you to speak louder and even get involved in this movement to make our great city… BOLD.

In order to get better organized and take this movement to the next level, please add your contact information to our database and sign up for the committee that best suits your skills to let your voice be heard.

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Jacksonville, FL


I appreciate any and every effort made to better the city that I LOVE- JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – but I have been watching some things happen and I just need to talk about it, think about it, hear from all of you about it. SO MUCH HISTORY and SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY that keeps getting erased, I cannot be quiet anymore. First, let me say this is a conversation starter and I really want to hear what you all think. Please share this message with whomever you think might add positive commentary on our current state of affairs. I am VERY against the destruction of old buildings. I am STRONGLY against privatizing JEA and I want to see things change, improve and I want to personally work hard to help. I JUST CANT SEE HOW WITHOUT A MAP. ~ Steve Williams