Creating awareness and helping our city

Giving a voice to the city of Jacksonville and its citizens who have an undeniable right to be heard while promoting the need to find a creative solution to up-cycle our city’s current structures and better embrace its rich culture and history.


The mission of #MappingJax is to support the revitalization of Downtown Jacksonville as the vibrant center of the metropolitan area for the benefit of all citizens by encouraging proven urban revitalization strategies; the preservation of existing architecture; smart planning and development; creative solutions; world-class, high quality design at all levels; street-level activation, mobility and connectivity; mining story from history and the arts; and uniting the community in support of the success of our city. 


Our vision is a vibrant Downtown and a world class city of Jacksonville. We work to inspire, preserve, educate, and advocate for our city’s natural and built environments. This involvement will uplift a community and create an atmosphere that reflects our unique history, natural assets, and cultural attributes while championing high quality, sustainable, and appropriate downtown development that upholds Jacksonville’s identity. We will facilitate coordination with all community stakeholders, as well as past, present and future projects and plans in order to inclusively promote and advance the entire city forward by highlighting an identity that showcases our unique assets. 





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